Monday, February 16, 2009

From NEXUS 1650am Radio, Dustin & Shaun Makes Raido

Behold the glory of live radio, and the bliss of a small broadcasting range.

From January 2nd, 2009, this is a live taping from Dustin & Shaun Makes Radio {not a real show name, but what I like to call it}. It was broadcast on NEXUS radio 1650am, and if you weren't in the mile radius, well, now you can listen. Features Tal-the thrid leg of the show, and a little bit of Bilwa. More taped liveness to come!

Approximate run time: 58min., with a little bit of silence in the beginning, so be patient.

Mad Props to Baseball for the intro and outro. And no, we do not apologize for sounding amateur.

Shaun M. Baer

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